Expressions of the Bloom

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The Meaning of Flowers, Herbs, Spices and Trees


Expressions of the Bloom
The Meaning of Flowers, Herbs, Spices and Trees


Compiled by Diana M. Sundwall


Memorial Gardens have become a popular and wonderful way to remember loved ones, but have you ever wondered what each flower, tree, or herb means? During the nineteenth century there was a tremendous interest in the meaning of plants and their connection to the languages of emotion, love, and memorializing. These classical and romantic meanings are still attached to plants and still serve as a wonderful way to remember loved ones.

For centuries the bereaved have turned to gardens as a place to reflect and remember. Gardens have served as a place of great beauty, a place in which to gather your inner strength and a place to vent your emotions or frustrations.

The possibility is there for you to create your own garden using flowers, herbs and trees. Remember, your garden should not be based on size, but rather on content. You do not want a garden that is too big for you to handle, too time consuming, or not your style. Always start small; you can expand your garden in the coming years. If planting a traditional garden is not of interest to you consider planting a window box or a deck pot. It's important to remember that gardens come in all kinds of types and shapes. Some are water gardens, with lovely blooming water plants and fountains, other are planted in the ground and are always nice and tidy. Of course there is the old fashioned garden that is arranged in a soft flowing, charming manner with turning paths and secret resting spots.

Some gardens contain purchased plants, while others have flowers, trees, shrubs and herbs that have been given by cherished family members or friends. For example, yellow lilies from your mother's garden, peonies from your grandmother, daisies from your best friend, hosta’s from the family next door and new white iris in memory of a loved one. Finishing touches are never ending in gardens. Perhaps you add a fountain and line it with rock from your grandfather's field, or you add that special statue or trellis in memory of someone dear.

But what if the gardening end of it is just not for you? Remember, flowers can be purchased. You can create a beautiful little nosegay or huge bouquet for your home, office, a friend, or your loved one's grave. The fragrance and beauty of fresh, silk, or dried flower and herbs can settle the soul and warm a heart.

Whatever style, try to choose flowers, trees, and herbs that hold special meaning, come from someone special, or have traditionally carried a precious message.

George Elliot once said "Surely these flowers keep happy watch; their breath is their fond memory of the loving light."


Love and a Rose
By Karen M. Fye

One rose dies in the morning sun,
One bud blooms, a new life begun.

To the rose should we go when our love passes on,
Can you see the new life our heats wait upon?

The dreams and the memories,
mere shadow of time,
They flow as we ponder the dance through our minds.

And dance we must, to do life's flow
To go on and completely let go.

Inside is a well with a spring, ever deep
Climbing up, up, up, as we struggle to keep
Our dreams tossed and blown,
by a merciless wind
To a place we can't see, nor can we enter in.
Hope forever lives in this world of broken-ness
And brings promises of peace to our unhappiness.
Like the rose as it grows and become a teaching friend
Life ends,
but it begins and starts all over again.
Love never dies, nor brings to an end
A life and its dreams; live on, my friend.
Used with permission


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My Secret Garden

My sorrow is
my secret garden
where I go
when I feel alone.

There I find
the brook of tears,
the soft blossom of a broken heart,
and fields of emptiness.

My secret garden
grows freely
in the darkness
of by baby's death.

Where do I find
a single bud of hope
watered by my tears?
Hiding there,
in a meadow of despair.

I am alone
in my garden
because I've lost
my way.
Please take my hand
and walk with me
along my path today.



Abutilon ~ Meditation
Acacia ~ Concealed love, Chaste love, Friendship, Beauty in retirement
Pink ~ Grace
Rose or White ~ Elegance, Friendship
Yellow ~ Secret love
Acanthus ~ Artifice, fine arts
Achillea ~ War
Aconite ~ Luster, Misanthropy
Acorn ~ Nordic Symbol of life and immortality
Adder's Tongue ~ Jealousy
Adonis ~ Sad memories
Agrimony ~ Gratitude
Allspice ~ Compassion
Almond ~ Imprudence, Indiscretion, Perfidy
Almond Flowering ~ Concealed love, hope
Aloe ~ Grief, Misplaced devotion, Religious superstition
Althaea or Alcea ~ I am deeply in love, consumed by love
Alyssum ~ Excellence beyond beauty, Modesty
Amaranth ~ Foppery, Immortality, Pretension, Piety, Unchangeable
Amaryllis ~ Proud, Beautiful, Splendid beauty
Ambrosia ~ your love is returned or reciprocated
Anemone ~ Forsaken, Estrangement, Expectation, Loneliness, Fading hope, Symbol of love
Angelica ~ Inspiration, Magic
Apple Blossom ~ Good Fortune, Preference, Partiality, Hope, Temptation
Arborvitae ~ I never change, Live for me, Unchanging friendship, Immortality
Arbutus ~ You are the only one I love
Asclepias ~ Sorrowful remembrance
Ash ~ Prudence, Dignity, With me you're safe
Aspen ~ Excess of sensibility, Fear
Asphodel ~ Memorial sorrow, My regrets follow you to the grave
Aster ~ Symbol of love, Daintiness, Variety, Diversity
Astilbe ~ Love at first sight
Auricula ~ Wealth in not always happiness
Azalea ~ Take care of yourself for me, Temperance, Fragile, Passion, Chinese symbols of womanhood, Forbearance


Baby's Breath ~ Pure heart, Innocence, Constancy
Baby Violet ~ Faithfulness
Bachelor's Button ~ Single blessedness, Celibacy, Hope in love
Balm ~ Sympathy, Society
Balsam ~ Impatience, pray
Barberry ~ Sharpness of temper
Basil ~ Hatred, Animosity
Bay Leaf ~ I change only dying
Bayberry ~ Discipline, Instruction
Beech ~ Affluence
Begonia ~ Beware, Warning, Deformity
Belladonna Lily ~ Beautiful but timid, pride, pastoral, Silence
Bellflower ~ Constancy, Gratitude, I wish to speak to you
Bells of Ireland ~ Good luck
Bellwort ~ Hopelessness
Bilberry ~ Treachery
Birch ~ Grace, meekness
Bittersweet ~ Truth, Platonic love
Black Locust ~ Platonic love
Blackthorn ~ Difficulty
Bleeding heart ~ Broken heart, longing
Bluebell ~ Constancy , Humility, Loyalty, Sorrowful, Regret, Fidelity
Bluebottle ~ Delicacy
Borage ~ Bluntness, Talent
Box ~ I believe in your constancy
Bramble ~ Holiness, Remorse
Broom ~ Humility, Neatness
Bryony ~ Prosperity
Bulrush ~ Docility
Burdock ~ Importunity
Buttercup ~ Riches, You are rich, Childishness, Ingratitude
Butterfly Bush/Weed ~ Let me go, Cure for heartache 


Cactus ~ Endurance, Warmth, Affection
Calla Lily ~ Beauty
Calycanthus ~ Benevolence
Camellia ~ Admiration, Perfection, Good luck, Gift to a man, Gratitude, My destiny is in your hands, Reflected loveliness
Blue ~ you're a flame in my heart
Pink ~ Longing for you
Red ~ You're a flame in my heart, unpretending excellence
White ~ You're adorable, Perfected loveliness, Without blemish, worth
Camellia Japonica ~ Surpassing excellence
Campanula ~ Thankfulness
Candytuft ~ Indifference
Canterbury Bell ~ Gratitude, Acknowledgment, Obligation
Cape Jasmine ~ You're lovely, secret love
Cardamom ~ Paternal error
Cardinal Flower ~Distinction
Carnation ~ Distinction, Fascination, Pure and deep love, Admiration, My heart aches for you, Pure and deep love
Deep Red ~ Alas, for my poor heart
Pink ~ I'll never forget you, Unforgettable, Woman's love
Purple ~ capriciousness
Red ~ Admiration, Ardor
Solid Color ~ Yes
Stripped ~ No, refusal, I can't be with you, Rejection
White ~ Sweet, lovely, innocence, pure, good luck
Yellow ~ disappointment, rejection
Catalpa ~ Beware of the coquette
Catchfly ~ Pretended love, Snare, Unchanging friendship
Cattail ~ Peace, prosperity
Cattleya ~ Matronly grace, Mature charms
Cedar ~ Strength, I live but for thee, Think of me
Celandine ~ Joys to come
Centaurea ~ Delicacy
Cereus (creeping) ~ Modest genius
Cereus ( night blooming) ~ Transient beauty
Chamomile ~ Fortitude, Energy in adversity
Cherry Blossom ~ Spiritual beauty, Good Education
Chervil ~ Sincerity
Chestnut ~ Do me justice
Chestnut Blossom ~ Do me justice
Chickweed ~ Give an account of yourself, Rendezvous, Assignation
Chicory ~ Frugality
Christmas Rose ~ Relieve my anxiety
Chrysanthemum ~ Upbeat outlook, friendship, truth, cheerfulness, rest, a desolate heart, Optimism, A desolate heart
Cineraria ~ Always delighted
Cinquefoil ~ Maternal affection
Cistus ~ Popular favor
Citron ~ natural beauty
Clematis ~ Intelligence, Mental beauty, I love your mind
Clematis (evergreen) ~ Poverty
Clianthus ~ Self seeking, Worldliness
Clotbur ~ Rudeness
Clover ~
Four leaf ~ Be mine
Red ~ Diligence, Industry, Good
White ~ Think of me
Cloves ~ Dignity, Nobility
Cobaea ~ Gossip
Cockscomb ~ Do you love me?, Affectation, Pretension
Coltsfoot ~ Justice shall be done
Columbine ~ Folly, Inconstancy, foolishness
Purple ~ Resolved to win
Red ~ Worried, Trembling
Convolvulus ~ Uncertainty, Quandary
Major ~ Despondency, Extinguished hopes
Minor ~ Night
Pink ~ Worth sustained by affection
Corchorus ~ Return quick
Coreopsis ~ Always cheerfulness, Gladness
Coriander ~ Hidden worth, Never judge solely on appearances
Corn Blossom ~ Riches
Corn Cockle ~ Peerless and proud
Cornflower ~ Delicacy, Refinement
Cowslip ~ Comeliness, Winning grace, Your are my divinity, You are wonderful
Coxcomb ~ Foppery
Crabapple Bloom ~ Irritability
Cranberry ~ Cure for heartache, Hardness
Cress ~ Power, Stability, Abuse not
Crocus ~ Cheerfulness, Gladness, Mirth, Abuse not
Spring ~ youthful joy and exuberance
Saffron ~ Joviality
Crowfoot ~ Ingratitude
Crown Imperial ~ Arrogance, Majesty, Pride of birth
Cuckoo Flower ~ Ardor
Cudweed ~ Unceasing remembrance
Currant ~ Your frown will destroy me
Cuscuta ~ Meanness
Cyclamen ~ Resignation, goodbye, Diffidence, Modesty
Cypress ~ Despair, Mourning, Without hope, Deceitful, Vanity, Regard, Unrequited love



Daffodil ~ Joy, Much regard, Unrequited love, You're the only one, Respect, Esteem
Yellow ~ Gallantry
Dahlia ~ Dignity, Elegance, Capriciousness, I will sustain it, Instability, Rebuff, Forever yours. Yellow ~ Distaste
Daisy ~ Innocence, Youthful purity, loyalty, Cheerfulness, I will think about it
Colored ~ Beauty
Garden ~ Share your sentiments
Gerbera ~ Thoughts of absent friends
Michaelmas ~ Farewell
Wild White ~ I will think of it
Dandelion ~ Faithfulness, Happiness, Prophet, Coquetry, Love's oracle, I accuse you of
Daphne ~ Fame, Glory, Sweets to the sweet
Darnel ~ Vice
Datura ~ Charming
Dead Leaves ~ Sadness
Delphinium ~ Airy
Dew plant ~ Serenade
Diosma ~Your simple elegance charms me
Dittany of Crete - White ~ Passion
Dock ~ Patience, Endurance
Dodder of Thyme ~ Baseness
Dogbane ~ Falsehood, Figment, I doubt you
Dogwood ~ Success crowned you


Eglantine ~ Genius, I wound to heal, Poetry, Talent
Elder ~ Compassion, Zealousness
Elm ~ Majesty
Endive ~ Frugality
Eschscholtzia ~ Do not refuse me
Eupatorium ~ Delay
Evergreen ~ Indigence
Everlasting ~ Always remembered
Eyebright ~ Cheer up 


Funnel ~ Strength, Courage, Worthy of praise, Hardness
Fern ~ Magic, Fascination, Confidence, Shelter, Grace, Sincerity
Fern Maidenhair ~ Secret bond of love, Discretion
Fig ~ Argument, I keep my secret
Filbert ~ Reconciliation
Fir ~ Time
Flax ~ Domestic symbol, I feel your kindness, Fate
Fleur de lis ~ Message
Flower of an Hour ~ Delicate beauty
Forget Me Not ~ True love, Memories, Do not forget me, Remembrance
Forsythia ~ Anticipation
Four o'clock ~ Timidity
Foxglove ~ Insincerity, Your false, Stateliness, Youth, Hypocrisy
Foxtail Grass ~ Sporting
Freesia ~ Trust
Fuchsia ~ Taste, Confiding love, Frugality
Fumitory ~ Spleen
Furze ~ Anger, Love for all occasions


Gallic ~ Courage, strength
Gardenia ~ Secrets untold love, You're lovely, Refinement , Purity
Gentian ~ You are unfair
Closed ~ Sweet by thy dreams
Fringed ~ I look to heaven
Geranium ~ Folly, I prefer you, Courtliness, Gentility, Peaceful mind, Elegance
Dark ~ Melancholy
Fish ~ Disappointed expectation
Horseshoe ~ Stupidity
Ivy ~ Favor
Lemon ~ Unexpected meeting
Nutmeg ~ Expected meeting
Oak ~ True friendship
Penciled ~ Ingenuity
Rose ~ Preference
Scarlet ~ Comforting, Consolation
Silver leafed ~ Recall
Wild ~ Steadfast piety
Gilly Flower ~ Bonds of affection, Lasting beauty, Fair
Gladiola ~ Generosity, I am very sincere, Ready armed, Strength of character, Love at first sight
Globe Amaranth ~ Unfading love, Constant, Unchangeable
Gloxinia ~ Love at first sight
Goldenrod ~ Success, Encouragement, Be cautious, Support
Gooseberry ~ Anticipation, Expectancy
Gorse ~ Ire
Grape - wild ~ Charity, Mirth
Grass ~ Submission, Usefulness


Handflower ~ Warning
Harebell ~ Grief, Submission
Harlequin ~ Laugh at trouble
Hawkweed ~ Quick sighted
Hawthorn ~ Hope, Expectation
Hazel ~ Reconciliation, Heart is agitated, Reunion
Health ~ Solitude
Heather ~ Admiration, Solitude, Protection, Wishes will come true, Loneliness
Helenium ~ Tears
Heliotrope ~ Devotion, Attachment, Eagerness, Intoxicate with joy, Let us pray for each other
Hellebore ~ Malicious representation, you have listened, Scandal
Hemlock ~ You will cause my death
Hemp ~ Fate
Hibiscus ~ Delicate beauty
Holly ~ Am I forgotten?, Good wishes, Defense, Domestic Happiness, Foresight
Hollyhock ~ Ambition, fertility, I seek glory, Fruitfulness, Aspiration
Honesty ~ Honest, Fascination
Honey Flower ~ Love sweet and secret
Honeysuckle ~ Generous, Devoted affection, Fidelity, Bonds of love, Sweet disposition
Hop ~ Injustice
Hornbeam ~ Ornament
Horse Chestnut ~ Luxury
Houseleek ~ Domestic industry, Vivacity
Haustoria ~ content ever with you
Huckleberry ~ Faith
Hyacinth ~Games, sports, richness, dedicated to Apollo, Playful
Blue ~ Consistency
Purple ~ Grief, I am sorry, please forgive me, sorrow
Red or pink ~ Play
White ~ Loveliness, I'll pray for you, unobtrusive loveliness
Yellow ~ Jealousy
Hydrangea ~ Thank you for understanding, Frigidity, Heartlessness, Boaster
Hyssop ~ Cleanliness


Ice Plant ~ Old beau, Rejected, Your looks freeze me
Impatiens ~ Impatient
Iris ~ A message for you, Hope, Power, Wisdom, A wonderful friendship, Faith, Valor,
My compliments Eloquence, Massive
German  ~ Aflame, I burn adversity
German Bearded ~ Ardor
Yellow ~ Sorrow, Passion
Ivy ~ Fidelity, Friendship, Affection, Wedding love, Loyalty, Conjugal affection
Sprig of White Tendril ~ anxious to please, affection


Jacob's Ladder ~ Come down
Jasmine ~ Amiability, sensuality, grace, elegance
Cape ~ I am to happy
Carolina ~ Separation
Indian ~ Attraction, I attach myself to you
Night blooming ~ Love's vigil
Spanish ~ Sensuality
White ~ I desire a return of my affection
Yellow ~ Grace and elegance
Johnny Jump Up ~ Love in idleness, Modesty, Pleasant thoughts, Thinks of me,
You occupy my thoughts
Jonquil ~ Love me, affection returned, desire, sympathy
Judas Tree ~ Betrayal, Unbelief
June Lilies - White ~ Purity and sweetness
Juniper ~ Safekeeping


Kingcup ~ Riches


Laburnum ~ Forsaken, Pensive beauty
Lady's Slipper ~ Capricious beauty, Win me and wear me, Fickleness
Lady's Smock ~ Ardor
Lady's Thimble ~ Grief, Submission
Lady's Tresses ~ Bewitching grace
Lambs~ear ~ Gentleness
Lantana ~ I am unyielding
Lapageria ~ There is no unalloyed good
Larch ~ Audacity, Boldness
Larkspur ~ Attachment, Levity
Pink ~ Fickleness, Flippancy
Purple ~ Haughtiness
Laurel ~ Perfidy, Treachery, Ambition, I will win, Splendor
Ground ~ Perseverance, Token
Mountain ~ Ambition, Aspiration
Laurestine ~ I die if neglected
Laurus ~ Constant, Unchanging
Laurustinus ~ A token, pray remember
Lavender ~ Happiness, Devotion, Failure, Refusal, Acknowledgment, Distrust
Lemon ~ Discretion
Lemon Blossom ~ Fidelity in love, Zeal
Lettuce - Iceberg ~ Cold heartedness
Lichen ~ Dejection, Refusal, Solitude
Lilac ~ Fastidiousness, Do you still love me?, Beauty
Purple ~ First love, First emotions of love
White ~ Youthful Innocence
Lily ~ Purity, Pride, Innocence
Calla Lily ~ Magnificent Beauty, Maiden modesty
Day Lily ~ Chinese emblem for mother, coquetry
Eucharist Lily ~ Maiden charm
Frog ~ Disgust
June ~ Purity and sweetness
Orange Lily ~ Hatred
Peruvian Lily ~ Devotion
Tiger ~ Wealth, Pride, prosperity, Dare you to love me
Water ~ purity of heart
White Lily ~ Virginity, Purity, Majesty, Heavenly to be with you
Yellow Lily ~ I'm walking on air, falsehood, gratitude
Lily of the Valley ~ Happiness, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, Return to happiness, humility, you have made my life complete, Let's make up
Lime ~ Conjugal love
Linden ~ Conjugal love
Lisianthus ~ Thoughts
Live Oak ~ Liberty
Liverwort ~ Confidence
Lobelia ~ Dislike, Rebuff, Arrogance, Malevolence
Locust ~ Affection beyond the grave, Vicissitude
London Pride ~ Frivolity
Lotus ~ Eloquence, mystery and truth, Estranged love
Love in a Mist ~ Perplexity
Love Lies Bleeding ~ Hopeless but not heartless
Lucerna ~ Life
Lupine ~ Voraciousness
Rose ~ Fanciful
White ~ Always happy


Madder ~ Backbiting, Tranquillity
Magnolia ~ Nobility, love of nature, Benevolence, High Souled, Magnificence
Swamp ~ Perseverance
Marsh Marigold ~ Riches
Maize ~ Riches
Mallow ~ Mildness, Gentleness
Manchineel ~ Falsehood
Mandrake ~ I would to soothe
Maple ~ Reserved, Constraint, Retirement
Marigold ~ Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy, Sacred affection, Despondency
Marjoram ~ Innocence, Blushes
Marsh Mallow ~ Beneficence in consent
Marvel of Peru ~ Timid
Mayflowers ~ You only do I love
Meadow Saffron ~ My best days are past
Meadowsweet ~ Uselessness
Melissa ~ Fun, Pleasantry, Sympathy
Mesembryanthemum ~ Idleness
Mezereon ~ Desire to please
Mignonette ~ Your qualities surpass your charms, I live for thee
Milford ~ War
Milk vetch ~ Your presence softens my pain, Comfort
Mimosa ~ Wonderful Friendship, Exquisite, Fastidious, perception
Mimosa Bloom ~ Concealed Love, Beauty in retirement
Mint ~ Virtue, Strength, Virility, Warmth of feeling, Let us be friends again, Purity
Mistletoe ~ Kiss me, affection, to surmount difficulties, sacred plant of India, magic plant of the druids, Your are a parasite
Mock Orange ~ Recollection, Counterfeit
Monarda ~ Your whims are unbearable
Monkshood ~ Deadly foe is near, Beware, Danger is near, Chivalry, Gallantry
Moonflower ~ I only dream of love
Morning Glory ~ Affection
Moschatel ~ Weakness
Moss ~ Maternal love, Charity, Patience, Pray wait, Boredom
Moss Rose ~ Confession of love
Motherwort ~ Concealed love
Mourning Bride ~ I have lost all, Unfortunate to attachments
Mugwort ~ Happiness, Peace
Mulberry ~
Black ~ I shall not survive you, Sadness
White ~ Wisdom
Mullein ~ Take courage
Mum ~ Hope, All is not lost
Musk ~ Vulnerability, Be bolder
Mustard ~ I'm smart, I am hurt
Myrtle ~ Love in absence, Hebrew Emblem of Marriage, Love positive
Wax ~ Discipline, Instruction


Nandina ~ My love will grow warmer
Narcissus (Daffodil) ~ Formality, Stay as sweet as you are, Egotism, Vanity, You love yourself too well
Nasturtium ~ Conquest, Victory in battle, Patriotism, Affectation
Nettle ~ Slander, Cruelty, Your are spiteful
Nightshade ~ Your thoughts are dark, Falsehood, Verity
Nuts ~ Stupidity


Oak ~ long live, strong, forever, Hospitality
Oak Leaf ~ Courage, I will endure
Oats ~ The witching soul of music, I love your music
Oleander ~ Caution, Heed
Olive or Olive Branch ~ Peace and security
Orange Blossom ~ Purity, Chastity, Innocence, Eternal love, Marriage, Fruitfulness, Bridal festivities, Your purity Equals your loveliness
Orange Mock ~ Deceit
Orchid ~ Beauty, love, refinement, Chinese symbol of many children, thoughtfulness
Bee ~ Error, Industry
Butterfly ~ Gaiety
Cattleya ~ Mature charm
Fly ~ Error
Wild ~ you are a belle, You flatter me
Oxeye ~ Be patient


Palm and Palm Leaves ~ Victory, Conquest, Success
Pansy ~ Thinking of you, Pleasant thoughts, Modesty, Reflections
Parsley ~ Useful knowledge, Festivity, Entertaining
Pasque flower ~ You have no claims
Passion flower ~ Faith, Belief, Piety, Trust in God, Holy love, Religious fervor, superstition
Pea - everlasting ~ appoint a meeting, Lasting pleasure
Peach Blossom ~ I am your captive
Pear ~ Affection
Pear Blossom ~ Tenderness, Not altogether lovely
Pelargonium ~ Fervor
Pennyroyal ~ You had better go
Peony ~ Happiness, compassion, Indignation, Anger, Bashfulness
Pepper flower ~ Satirical thoughts
Peppermint ~ Warm feelings
Periwinkle ~ Never forget, Memory, Pleasing remembrance
Blue ~ Early friendship
White ~ Harmony, Pleasure of memory, Fond reminiscences
Persicaria ~ Restoration
Persimmon Blossom ~ Bury me amid nature's beauties, I shall surprise you by and by
Petunia ~ Resentment, I am furious, Your presence soothes me, Don't lose hope
Pheasant's Eye ~ I can't forget you
Phlox ~ Friendship, Unanimity, Assent
Star Shaped ~ Affability, Trying to please you, Agreements
Pimpernel ~ Assignation, Change
Pine ~ Hope, Pity, Compassion
Pink ~ Boldness, Fragrance, Household love, I am at home
China ~ My heart aches
Double red ~ Ardent love, Darling
Indian ~ Always lovely
Mountain ~ Aspiration, Desiring
Variegated ~ Refusal, Rejection
White ~ Fascination, Talent
Plum Blossom ~ Keep your promises, Fidelity
Plumbago ~ Holy wishes
Polyanthus ~ Purse proud
Pomegranate Blossom ~ Grace, Mature elegance, Perfection
Poppy ~ Eternal sleep, Consolation, Oblivion, Imagination, Forgetfulness, Pleasure,
Wealth, and  Success
Oriental ~ Quiet
Red ~ Pleasure
Scarlet ~ Fantastic extravagance, Profligacy
Variegated ~ Flirtation
White or Opium ~ My antidote, my bane, Forgetfulness, Sleep, Indecision
Yellow ~ Wealth, Success
Potentilla ~ I claim your esteem
Pride of China ~ Dissension
Primrose ~ Believe me, Youth and sadness, Childhood, Youth, Bashfulness, Inconstancy, Neglected merit
Evening ~ Sweet memories, Inconstancy, Early youth
Red ~ Neglected merit
Prince's Father ~ I blush for you
Privet ~ Prohibition
Pyxie ~ Life is sweet


Quaking Grass ~ Agitation, Turbulence
Quamoclit ~ Busybody
Queen Anne's Lace ~ Steadfast love
Queen of the Meadow ~ Uselessness
Quince Blossom ~ Temptation, Provocation


Ragged Robin ~ Ardor
Ranunculus ~ Dazzled by your charms, Attractiveness, You are radiant with charm
Raspberry Blossom ~ Remorse, penitence
Reed ~ Submission
Spit Reed ~ Imprudence
Rhododendron ~ Beware, I am dangerous
Rocket ~ Rivalry, Conflict
Rose ~ Deep Love, Perfect happiness, Always, Desire, Friendship, Unity, Warm heart, Love at first sight, Joy, Gladness, Please believe me, Passion
Burgundy ~ Unconscious beauty
Coral ~ Desire and enthusiasm.
Crimson ~ Mourning
Dark Pink ~ Thank you
Deep Red ~ Admiration, Bashful, Embarrassment, shame
Faded ~ Beauty is fleeting
Lavender ~ Enchantment
Light Pink ~ Admiration
Orange ~ Fascination
Pale Colors ~ Friendship
Peach ~ Let's get together, closing of the deal
Pink ~ Grace, gentility, joy, thankfulness, the glow of your smile,
perfect happiness
Pink and White ~ I love you still and always will, Unity
Red ~ I love you, respect, courage, passion and divine love.
Red and White ~ Unity
Red and Yellow ~ Congratulations
White ~ You're heavenly, reverence, purity, secrecy, spiritual love and innocence, pure silence
White Dried ~ Death is preferable to loss of virtue
White Withered ~ Transient impression, fleeting beauty, you made no impression, I am in despair
Yellow ~ Joy, friendship, enjoy the moment, I to care, welcome back, lets forget
Yellow and Orange ~ Passionate thoughts
Austrian Rose ~ Your are all that is lovely
Bridal ~ Happy love
Rosebud ~ Beauty, youth, pure and lovely
Red ~ Inclined to love, Pure and lovely
White ~ Too young to love, Heart ignorant of love, the heart that knows no love
Cabbage ~ Ambassador of love
Carolina ~ Love is dangerous
China ~ Beauty always new
Rose - Christmas ~ Tranquilize my anxiety, anxiety
Damask ~ Persian Ambassador of love, Beauty ever new, Young and brilliant, Freshness
Full Blossom ~ Engagement
Full Blossom placed over buds ~ Secrecy
Grandiflora ~ high souled
Garland or Crown ~ Beware of Virtue, reward of merit, symbol of superior merit
Guilder ~ Aged, Winter
Half Blossom ~ Timid love
Hibiscus ~ Delicate, beauty
Jacqueminot ~ I am true
Japanese ~ Beauty is your only attraction, Illusion
La France ~ Meet me by moonlight
leaf ~ You may hope
Marechal niel ~ Yours, Heart and soul
Montiflora ~ Grace
Moss ~ Superior, Confessions of love
Mundi ~ Variety
Musk ~ Charming, Capricious beauty
Provence ~ My heart is in flames
Rock ~ Popular favor
Rose Single Bud ~ Perpetual love
Rose - two taped or wired together ~ Symbol of engagement and future marriage
Single Full Bloom ~ I love you, I sill love you
Tea Rose ~ I'll remember, always
Thornless ~ Love at first sight, Ingratitude, Early Attachment
Wild ~ Simplicity
York and Lancaster ~ Conflict
Rosemary ~ Remembrance, Your presence revives me, Fidelity, Love
Rudbeckia ~ Impartiality
Rue ~ Go, Never return, beware of excess pleasure, contempt


Saffron ~ Voluptuousness, You are perfectly lovely, Marriage, Avoid Surfeit
Sage ~ Domestic virtue or duties, Gratitude, Esteem, Cherished
Sainfoin ~ You Confuse me
Saint John's Wort ~ Hostility, Thinking of you, Animosity
Salvia ~
Sage ~ Esteem, Domestic virtue, Long life, Wisdom
Blue ~ Wisdom
Red ~ Untiring energy, Always yours
Satin flower ~ Fascination
Saxifrage ~ Affection, Tenderness
Scabiosa ~ Unfortunate love
Sweet ~ Widowhood
Sea bindweed ~ Uncertainty
Sensitive plant ~ Fine Sensibility
Senvy ~ I'm smart
Shamrock ~ Light heatedness, Loyalty, Cheerfulness
Shepherd's purse ~ Offer you all
Smilax ~ Loveliness, Constancy
Snapdragon ~ Deception, Gracious lady, Strength, Presumption, No!
Snowball ~ Bound thoughts of heaven
Snowdrop ~ Consolation, Friendship in trouble, Faithful in adversity, Expectancy
Sorrel ~
Wild ~ Ill timed wit
Wood ~ Secret sweetness
Southernwood ~ Bantering, Jest
Spearmint ~ Warm Sentiments
Speedwell ~ Womanly fidelity
Spiderflower ~ Elope with me
Spiderwort ~ I esteem but do not love you
Star of Bethlehem ~ Atonement, Reconciliation
Starwort ~ Afterthought
Statice ~ Sympathy
Stephanotis ~ Happiness in Marriage, travel
Stock ~ Bonds of affection, Promptness, You'll always beautiful to me, Lasting beauty
Stonecrop ~ Tranquility
Straw ~ Agreement
Broken ~ Broken agreement
Strawberry Blossoms ~ Far sightedness
Sumac ~ I shall survive the change
Dwarf ~ Adoration
Sunflower ~ Large ~ You are splendid, Arrogance
Short ~ Adoration, Pride
Sweetpea ~ Delicate pleasure, Remember me, Good bye, Departure, Blissful pleasure, Thank you for a lovely time, Lets meet, Tenderness
Sweet William ~ Gallantry, Grant me one smile
Sycamore ~ Genius
Syringa ~ You shall be happy yet


Tamarisk ~ Crime
Tansy ~ Resistance, I oppose you, Dislike, Refusal
Teasel ~ Misanthropy
Thistle ~ Independence, Austerity, Sternness
Scotch ~ Retaliation
Thorn Apple ~ Delusive beauty
Thrift ~ Sympathy
Thyme ~ Courage, Activity, Grace, Elegance, Domestic virtues, Thriftiness, I am diligent, Liveliness
Tickle grass ~ fleeting
Trefoil ~ Retribution
Trillium ~ Modest ambition
Trumpet Flower ~ renown, Fame
Tuberose ~ Dangerous pleasures
Tulip ~ Perfect lover, Fame, Emblem of Holland, Luck, Beautiful eyes, Look at me, Declaration of love
Red ~ Believe me, Declaration of love, undying love
Variegated ~ Beautiful eyes, Enchantment
Yellow ~ There's sunshine in your smile, Hopeless love, Desperately in love
Tulip Tree ~ Rural happiness, Renown
Turnip Blossom ~ Charity
Tussilago ~ You shall have justice


Umbel ~ shade, cool, light hearted, protective
Umbrella Tree ~ Nobel, Nobility love of nature, benevolence, high souled, Magnificence


Valerian ~ Am accommodation disposition, You are considerate
Venus's Fly Trap ~ Duplicity
Venus's Looking Glass ~ Flattery
Verbena ~ Enchantment, Pray for me, Tender and quick emotion
Scarlet ~ Sensitivity
White ~ Honesty
Veronica ~ Fidelity, Fealty
Vervain ~ Enchantment, Superstition
Violets ~ Faithfulness, Steadfastness, Modesty, Virtue, Watchfulness, Let's take a chance on happiness
Blue ~ Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I will always be true, Love
White ~ Hope, Modesty, Candor
Virginia Creeper ~ I cling to you
Virgin's Bower ~ Filial love
Vesicaria ~ Will you dance with me?


Wake Robin ~ Ardor, Zeal
Wallflower ~ Fidelity in misfortune or adversity, Fealty though ordeal
Water Lily ~ Purity of heart
Wax Plant ~ Susceptibility
Wheat ~ Prosperity, I wish thee riches
Willow ~ Forsaken, Grieving
Wintergreen ~ Harmony
Wisteria ~ Cordial welcome, Welcome fair stranger
Witch Hazel ~ Inspiration, Mysticism, A spell is upon me
Wolfsbane ~ Misanthropy
Wood Sorrel ~ Joy
Woodbine ~ Fraternal love
Wormwood ~ Absence


Xanthium ~ Pertinacity, Rudeness, Impudence


Yarrow ~ Cure for heartache, Strife, War
Yew ~ Grief, Penitence, I am sorry


Zephyranthes ~ Expectation
Zinnias ~ Thoughts of absent ones, lasting affection, I mourn your absence, Goodness, Daily remembrance, Thinking of you
Magenta ~ Lasting affection
Mixed ~ In Memory of , thinking an absent friend
Scarlet ~ Constancy
White ~ Goodness
Yellow ~ Daily Remembrance



The Rose
Near shady wall a rose once grew,
Budded and blossomed in God's free light,
Watered and fed by morning dew,
Shedding its sweetness day and night.

As it grew and blossomed fair and tall,
Slowly rising to loftier height,
It came to a crevice in the wall
Through which there shone
a beam of light.

Onward it crept with added strength
With never a though of fear or pride,
It followed the light through the crevice's length
And unfolded itself on the other side.

The light, the dew, the broadening view
Were found the same as they were before,
And it lost itself in beauties new,
Breathing its fragrance more and more.

Shall claim of death cause us to grieve
And make our courage faint and fall,
Nay! Let us faith and hope receive
The rose still grows beyond the wall,

Scattering fragrance far and wide
Just as it did in days of yore,
Just as it did on the other side,
Just as it will forevermore.


From the writings of
A.L. Frink

The Vegetable Garden of Daily Living

Plant Three Row Of Peas:
Peace of mind
Peace of heart
Peace of soul

Plant Five Rows of Squash:
Squash gossip
Squash indifference
Squash grumbling
Squash selfishness
Squash intolerance

Plant Four Rows Of Lettuce:
Lettuce be faithful
Lettuce be kind
Lettuce be patient
Lettuce really love one another

No Garden Is Complete Without Turnips:
Turnip for meetings
Turnip for service
Turnip to help one another

To Conclude Our Garden We Must Have Thyme:
Thyme for each other
Thyme for family
Thyme for friends

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love.


There is much fruit in your garden
because you reap what you sow!

Author Unknown


"Listen to your Garden
It will soothe your soul"


Drying Your Fresh flowers

There are a number of methods of preserving flowers and foliage. They include hanging them upside down to dry, burying them in sand borax, or using Flower-Dri and soaking them in glycerin. The last method is especially used to preserve foliage.

Standing flowers upside down in boxes, crocks, or pans and pouring or sprinkling borax over them is a time-tested process, but many flowers dry by the simply hanging upside-down method. This is the easiest and also gives excellent results. Materials keep their shape and flowers do not fall apart. However, some flowers, pansies and zinnias, for example, will not dry by this method but must be treated with sand or borax.

When gathering flowers to preserve, work on a warm, sunshiny day, as plants should be gathered dry. Hydrangeas are an exception. They should be cut in the cool weather of September or October. Some flowers especially yarrow and ageratum, hold color better if placed with stems in water for a day or two before drying.

Preparing a proper work place is helpful. Your work area must be dry, warm, dark and well-ventilated. An attic or closet might be more desirable than a damp basement. Avoid direct sunlight, as this tends to fade the dried flowers and moisture is your enemy during the drying period and after arrangements have been made.

Remove all leaves immediately after cutting. Any leaf left on will contribute their moisture to the stalk and prolong the drying period. They will eventually wither and must be removed before the flowers can be used.

Methods of Air Drying

It is important to wait until the flower is in full bloom before picking. Flowers such as Acroclinium, Strawflower and Xeranthemum should never show open pollen centers, as these tend to shatter after drying.

Divide plant material in small bunches to avoid crushing or crowding. Stems are tied together to hold them securely but should not be tied so tight as to break them. Materials that can be used for tying are:

Rubber Bands
Pipe Cleaners
Old Nylons / Pantyhose
Small Cord

Many people prefer to use nylons / pantyhose or rubber bands because as the stems shrink in the drying process, they will hold the stems together. Other materials may need re-tying.

Hang bunches upside-down but spaced far enough apart to allow free circulation of air. The upside-down position will encourage the semi-woody stems to dry straight and prevent the flower heads from drooping. Depending on the space available, you may hang your bunches from nails driven in rafters in the attic, wall of a closet or on coat hangers suspended from crossbars. The temperature should never exceed 110 F, otherwise the flowers will bake.

Grasses and lightweight materials dry in 1 week. The majority of material you dry will be ready in 1-2 weeks. Heavier material dries in 2 or more weeks. After drying, the material may be left there until needed. If there is a chance it could become dirty, store it in boxes (suit boxes) protected from light and moisture.

Boxes will need tight fitting lids and each box should have a label identifying the contents. Some people prefer using Saran Wrap instead of a lid, for visual identification. If you live in a humid region, place dehumidifying crystals such as Dri-Rox, in the box to absorb moisture.

Favorable Plants

Bells of Ireland
Job's Tears
Chinese Lanterns
Star Flower
Ornamental Grass

Baskets And Containers

Stems and foliage will develop a slight natural curve when placed in baskets, urns or other containers. A heavy pitcher will insure a nice curve if the flower stem is allowed to droop over the spout. The is also true for wide-mouthed vases. Large, rough materials will require a container with sufficient height and weight to keep from overturning. All containers, no matter what shape or size, should be placed in a dry, warm, dark, well-ventilated area.

There are not too many types of flowers that appreciate being dried in this upright position, but perhaps you would like to experiment with a few of your own choosing. Grasses work well.

Stem And Head Wiring

Dried flowers and stems become stiff and brittle, therefore, it is wise to wire a few flower stems to insure a few curved stems or additional support for those you wish to remain straight. For the average flowers that are dried, use a #18 gauge florist wire. This may be inserted through the stem right after picking. For those flowers you choose to make a stem, such as Strawflower, Globe Amaranth, carefully remove the stems (natural stems) and insert the wire from underneath. Do not push the wire completely through the flower head, unless you plan to create a spike of flowers. A spike would contain 6-8 or more flowers of graduated size, preferably of one color. It is important that the wires be inserted the same day you pick the flowers, since the flower-heads shrink and adhere to the wire.

Large crested Celosia with short stems may have additional stem length created by punching a hole through the stubby stems or through the lower portion of the flower head. If the flower head is exceptionally broad, you may need to make two holes an inch or so apart to provide for two supporting wires.

Stem wired material may be placed upright in a wide-mouthed jar or poked into a sheet of Styrofoam. Most flowers will dry in 1-2 weeks. Heavy flowers such as Celosia may take 3 or more weeks.

As with other dried flowers, keep the material in a warm, dark, dry, well-ventilated area. After the drying period has been completed, depending on arrangement use. Put finished product in boxes to keep them clean.


Favorable Plants

Globe Amaranth

Sand and Borax Drying

For this method, unless you have beach sand which is very fine and needs sifting only if trashy, first sift, wash, and dry the sand. In many localities you can obtain sand already prepared or you can sift it yourself through a screen and then put it in the oven for a few minutes, stirring occasionally until it is thoroughly dry. Never use damp sand or flowers will be spotty and show signs of spoilage.

Next pour sand to an approximate four-inch depth into a box or pan. If a box is used, first arrange several thicknesses of paper in the bottom to give it strength. Stand the flowers, which should be dry and stripped of all foliage, upside down on the sand in the bottom of the box. Try to place the flower heads so that they do not over lap or even touch. After large heads are covered, you can fill in between them with small heads. Pour more sand gently in to the box until the flower heads are covered.

Label the box with the name of the flower and the date of drying. Store in a dark cool closet for two weeks. When the time is up, pour off the sand and gently wipe the flowers free of it with facial tissue or a soft brush. They are then ready to be arranged.

Borax may be used in almost the same way as sand and is a good medium for preserving materials when space is limited. If the borax is lumpy, it should be sifted before use. With it, flowers are laced lengthwise or upside-down in the box or pan and sprinkled in the same way as for sand. Use Flower-Dri according to directions.

When selecting the borax method for flowers, consider their forms. It is best to stand circular ones, like the dahlia, and deep-cut flowers such as narcissus and lily, upside-down in the borax, gently working the powder around the trumpets and petals. Notice the position of the petals, smooth them out if necessary and then completely cover the flower. It is not necessary to cover the stem.
Borax does cling to such flowers as snapdragons and gloxinia's. If it remains after brushing, hold snapdragons under running water for a fleeting second; or clean them with a slightly dampened brush. On gloxinia's only the brush is safe. Afterward hang them both upside-down for a few minutes.

When you remove plants from borax, work as gently as possible. Place your hand underneath flower heads and do not be too dismayed if some things come apart as you lift them. Tulips often do, but you can wrap thread around the petals and so tie them back on the stem. Some things require longer in borax than others. Daisies and jonquils, which are light in texture, require about a day and half they cannot remain in borax for long periods after they are dried because they "burn" and brown spots appear. Some flowers require sixty hours. Occasionally remove one flower head to see how it is drying. Lilies, because of their weight, must have three to five weeks. Colorful autumn leaves such as dogwood, hickory, sweet gum, and maple may also be preserved by this method. Cut long sprays of euonymus which have variegated colors of pink, purple, yellow and white. Place them lengthwise in the borax. They will keep their colors and require only three days to dry. The same borax may be used over and over.

These Flowers Dry Well in Sand And Borax:

Bleeding Heart
Lily of the valley
Peach and Plum Blossoms



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