On Mother's Day
Amanda Novotny  
In Memory of Lila Nash Novotny  
On Mother's Day

I'm watching over mommy
As I can't be by her side
You see there was a plan for me
One I must tend to, I must abide

Mommy carried me for months
I was comfortable in my little space
Then God sent down an angel
Who said "you must join us in our place"

My mommy knew me very well
But not well enough to know
She'd lose her baby girl too soon
She'd have to let me go

So, as I'm handling plans up here
My mommy thinks about me
I hear her cry, I catch her tears
I'm her little angel baby

I love my mommy on Mother's Day and always...
Copyright by Amanda Novotny May 12, 2013
Mommy of Lila Nash Novotny