Why is she out there? Why!?
Amy Mueller Benson 
In Memory of Audrey Ann Benson 
She should be in the
Womb of her mother,
Not Mother Earth.

The rains came last night,
Nurturing her fresh soil,
Nourishing her tiny tree.
I try to be grateful for she is
Getting what she needs to thrive
In her new place.

But the pain strikes like lightening in my heart.
And rumbles like thunder in my empty womb.

You are supposed to be with me.
Not part of the world.

Fly free, my baby.
Fly free and go.

Do not linger down below.
Your tree will flower
And roots will grow.

But please be free,
I want you to go.

My angel, I will look for you in every starry night.
Think of you always, so please take flight.

I'm bound to this earth,
A babyless mother.
One day I too,
Will fly and discover
the place where you are and
on expert infant wings,
you can lead me.
I will flitter and flutter
with you, my baby Audrey.