Sweet Rebecca
(c) by Charli Wetzel 
In memory of my sweet baby Rebecca 
Hello my sweet Rebecca.
I'm the mom you never met.
I'm the one who heard your silence.
You're the light I can't forget.

I have never heard your slumber,
Felt your sorrow, known your pain,
I've never wiped away your tears,
Yet, I have cried them in your name.

And I have longed to see your face
In every dream, on every cloud,
As I have listened for your cry
In every voice, in every crowd.

And as I'm yearning for your touch,
I count your fingertips and toes
And cry out for my little girl
I never got to know.

For its goodnight, my sweet Rebecca.
Your dimming light fades from the beam,
But you are wrapped within my arms
And rocked to sleep within my dreams.