My Baby Angel
© 4th December 2015 by Vita Petraviciute  
In loving memory of Matas  
As soon as I saw the two red lines
I knew it was too good to be true,
However, never in my mind
Thought you’d have to go away.

All the dreams and plans I had and made
They all had to be thrown away,
All the little boots, hats and toys
They all had to be put away.

I will never hear laugh and cry
I will never hold you tight,
I will never feel you touch me
Or even call me mummy.

39 weeks I carried you
They always seemed a lifetime,
The day I heard the words ‘I’m sorry’
I realized that it was only such short time.

No one knows the way I’m feeling
Or that I cry each day,
I’ve lost my little baby
Who I’ve been longing for each and every day.

4th of December is the day I first saw your little face
Your nose and cheeks, your little hands and feet,
My baby you were perfect
And there is nothing that I would ever change.

Please know you’ll always be my baby angel
For you my heart will always hold a place,
Please know that Mummy and Daddy will forever love you
And I know that you will forever feel the same.