Tahlia, The Dew of Heaven
By: Emily K.H. Wells 
For Tahlia 
I awoke one morning to see the dew
sparkling upon the flowers
The sight was refreshing, renewing
To think, the dew holds so much power.
It sparkled upon the leaves,
Like diamonds in the morning light.
But as the sun arose,
Slowly, the dew slipped away without a fight.
The dew submitted to the light
and power of the sun.
Refreshing the world
and then moving aside so that the day may come.

The dew of heaven.
Sent to us for those few morning hours.
To refresh our lives, spread your love,
Covering us like an early morning shower.
My precious baby girl.
Too good for the turmoil of this world.
I can't express the love I have.
Though even with you here, I doubt I ever could.

I didn't know how strong my love was
Until you were taken away.
And now all I have are empty arms,
Just wishing you could stay.
For 9 months we were together,
Connected in every way.
Where ever I went you were with me
As I prepared for our meeting day.
I cared for you, talked to you,
Sometimes I even sang.
I had comfort knowing I wasn't alone,
Your presence within me clearly rang.

You liked cheese and chocolate,
And ice cream in the winter cold.
You bounced to the beat of a playing drum,
Memories of you that I will always hold.
I have this funny freckle on my stomach
That got bigger as you grew.
And now every time I look at it
My angel, I will think of you.

I had so many plans for us.
Dreams of that mother daughter bond.
It's hard to think that all the plans
And dreams for us are gone.
I know that heaven is a much better
Place for you my dear.
To see a child experience the hurt and pain
Of this life is always a mother's greatest fear.
I understand God needed you,
Somehow more than I.
But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt
And I can't help but cry.