Just Because
Just because you don't see me cry
doesn't mean the tears don't fall.
I choose my moments to let go.

Just because my baby isn't here
doesn't mean he left my heart.
Don't be afraid to mention his name.

Just because I smile a lot
doesn't mean I'm all better now.
Please don't push me too fast.

Just because it's been a while
doesn't mean I can move on.
My life won't ever be the same.

Just because his crib is empty
doesn't mean we aren't his parents.
Our job is to keep his memory alive.

Just because I seem calm to you
doesn't mean I'm not screaming inside.
Remember me in your prayers.

Just because I'm holding it together
doesn't mean I don't need your help.
Lend me your ear, your shoulder, your heart.

Just because my son is in Heaven
doesn't mean he's far away.
Speak of him and he'll draw nearer
to kiss my tears away.