People Ask Me How I'm Doing...
By Dawn Elmore, 19 March 2006  
People ask me how I'm doing and I say that I'm ok.
The fact is that I'm pain worsens every day!
I wonder what if I had said,or of all that could've been done.
If I had only known you'd be gone, my precious, loving son.
Some can't seem to understand and think I should go on.
But how can I do such a thing when a part of me is gone.
They say that it gets easier and your burden is less to bare.
I just can't believe that's true when all you loved's no longer there.
I pray that God will ease my mind and show me how to just go on.
And give me back the heart he took the day he called you home.
Although my heart is broken and my tears overflow,
I try to hide the sadness so no one will ever know.
Pretending's just not easy when you know not how to
See, the reason you are hurting ...why's this happening to me?
I'll never see you go to school or have children of your own.
The link that made my life complete is now forever gone.
I'll try to be much stronger and know that you live on.
Although I know you're there with God, I feel so all alone.
From this day forward I have to see that you really never died.
For as long as you live inside my heart your memory's still alive!!!!!!