Remembering Megan
By Holly Graham  
For her sister 
As the strings slip through my hand;
I think of the beauty you brought to this land.

I watch as the balloons float away;
Just like when you left me that day.

They float into the beautiful cloud;
I hear you laughing loud and proud.

Up to the heaven above;
carrying a note from me with love.

The life you lived celebrated this day;
that is what the balloons are meant to say.

Receive the balloons with gentle care;
they symbolize the love that is still there.

Balloons, I release you to float away;
make sure you get up to our loved ones this day.

We release you into the sky;
we watch you float, we watch you fly.

Loved ones, catch these balloons on this bittersweet day;
read the notes and then go play.

Keep us in our hearts;
you may be gone but we shall not part.

So float in the heavens and play in the clouds;
releasing the balloons from our hearts so proud.