This Mothers Day, This Fathers Day
By Lisa Weber 
I have a son.
I have a daughter.
I am a mother.
I am a father.
I do not take my child to the park like some parents do ~
but I take my baby everywhere in my heart.
She was denied this earthly existence.
I don't know why.
He will play catch in the stars, not on the ball field.
She will never shop for a prom dress at the mall,
and he will never ask for the keys to my car.
But they are our children, nonetheless.
I will wear her birthstone around my neck.
I will think of him every day.
Acknowledge me on Mother's Day.
Wish me a pleasant Father's Day.
I need that support and acceptance as much as you.
I am a parent.
Mother's Day is to honor all mothers.
Father's Day is to honor all fathers.
As spring brings forth new life following the quiet healing of winter,
let us welcome a rebirth of hope in our own lives.
In recognition of childless parents,
and those who have loving children,
but also have felt the heartache of the death of a child,
this Mother's Day and Father's Day.
My wish for you is one of peace, love, and to
call to mind the dignity of parenthood.