Without you
By Gary Boehling ~ Adam Boehling's Father 
Family gathers around the new Christmas tree,
to talk about the love of a sweet memory.
Sometimes laughing inside, for you can see the smile,
resting upon their lips as they daydream awhile.

Thinking of a wonderful past or cherished thought,
as they hang the 'Glass Angel' that you had bought.
It completes our tree every year and forever will...
though you are not with us, your memory is still.

Many times tears slip out "Aching for the vision of you"
doing without you at christmas is ~so hard too do!~
Holiday's are important to family, each of us play a part,
this year we are "One less" and that breaks our heart!

During this Christmas time, we visit you {One by one}
to speak from the heart of how ~We miss you Son~
Your picture has been placed upon the mantle with care,
and the [candle flames dance] as we give prayer.

The presence of your spirit is throughout this room,
with the beauty of pionsettia's begining to take bloom.
As Christmas becomes closer, your memories do too,
I wish we could express how much... "We miss you!"