Yellow Rose of Texas
By Kristy Turner  
To our Yellow Rose of Texas
Born the 25th of July.
We love you and miss you,
Your Dad, brother, and I.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Michelle,
We're so sorry you're not here.
We always thought we'd see you
Grow another year.

We feel your presence daily,
Though you're not here right now.
And though we can't see you,
We know you see us somehow.

And you want us to be happy
And to remember you with a smile,
And to tell us that you'll see us
In just a little while.

In the meantime, our sweet girl,
Please know how much you're loved.
We miss you more than ever,
But keep trusting our God above.

And so we celebrate you, Michelle--
You're forever in our hearts and prayers.
You're our little darling so many love so well,
Who now runs up and down Heaven's golden stairs!

With love from Mommy, Daddy, and Austin
We love you and miss you, Big Girl!