A Special Little Spirit
"You're a Special Little Spirit," the all great Master said,
As he gently caressed the curly dark hair
of the Little Spirit's head.
"You need to go to Earth to spend some time, you know,
A place I send most Spirits to be tested, to learn and grow."

The Little Spirit, in sadness, slowly bowed his head,
And from his eye a tear did steal and down his cheek it shed.
"Don't you fret now little one, I won't let you stay too long,
I'll bring you back to help me here,
You'll hardly know that you've been gone.

You're my choicest Little Spirit, you're the apple of my eye."
And He wiped the tear and gently kissed
His Little Spirit good-bye.
"I'm back," the Little Spirit whispered,
as he climbed onto his Master's knee,
And the Master said, "I told you,
you would not be long away from me."

And then, the Lord, He noticed
still another tear welled in his eye.
"Why are you so sad, Little Spirit,
whatever should make you cry?"
"I'm glad I'm back," the Spirit said, "but Master
you must surely know,
When your Angel came to get me, I didn't want to go.

I know you said you needed me and
that I'd be gone the shortest while,
But Lord, couldn't I have had a little longer Earthly trial?"
The Master let the Little Spirit slip down from off His knee,
He firmly took the little hand and said, "Come walk with me."

The Little Spirit and his Lord walked slowly hand in hand,
As the Master explained his special part
in the great and marvelous plan.

"Now Lord, I don't mean to argue,
I understand that you needed me home.
But I left in such a hurry, I left everyone
hurting and so alone.

I didn't let my Earthly parents know
how much I loved them so.
I was much too small to tell them, Lord,
how will they ever know?
They feel they've been cheated, and in a way, so do I.
Not getting to share any more than we did,
how can I ever tell them why?"

"Little Spirit, I know your heart is heavy
with this message you need to share.
But you need not worry anymore,
I'll watch over your loved ones there.
I'll send them loving comfort as a strong and helping hand.
I'll content and give peace to their aching hearts,
so they will understand."

The Little Spirit looked up at his Master and said,
"Thank you for explaining it to me.
And could you please tell them I'm safe and happy and
That someday they'll be here with me."

"Yes," said the Lord with a smile and a nod,
"I'll tell them all that I can."
Then the others came to see the Little Spirit,
as the Lord let go of his hand.
He said, "I'll tell them you're pure, as pure as Heaven's Gold,
That I needed the warmth of your perfect soul
to keep Heaven from getting cold."