I Have Been Changed
By Julie Branch 
In loving memory of my sweet son, Justin Paul Branch Stillborn July 31, 1991 
It becomes clearer every day
that I have been changed
by the life of my son.

As time passes and
his life is but a misty memory for those around me,
his life has more meaning for me.

I find it a little easier
to sift through the significant and the non.
I find other people’s joys and sorrows
more meaningful and understandable.

And somehow, because of him,
I am going down a path
that is clearer and brighter
and this makes me love him more.
And think of him more.

And yet, I still regret,
that it is he
who has changed
the meaning of my life,
and not I who have helped to mold his.
November 17, 1993
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