For My Son, Who Lives
By Jane Daulton 
I remember the ride in the car that day,
I was talking about Brian, who’d just gone away.

He was all I talked about, it seemed to me,
But then, in those days, he was all I could see.

I was wondering aloud just how it would be
when we saw him in Heaven, what would we see?

Would he still be a small boy of four or so, then?

Or is Heaven full of boys who grow up to be men?

My passenger said, “Let’s just wait and see.”
With all the wisdom of a boy who is three.
Then he asked me something that started me cryin’,
“Will you ever love me as much as you love Brian?”

I want to thank my precious son
for waking me up to what I had done.
For making me see beyond my loss,
that life is worth living, whatever the cost.
TCF, Virginia Beach, VA