Dear Daddy
By Jo Ann Taylor  
Written for Glenn, the daddy of Darrell and Melody who are waiting in heaven 
Dear Daddy,

I know today is Father’s Day
and you miss me really bad;
But if you could see what I see,
you wouldn’t be so sad.

I have all kinds of playmates
and playgrounds everywhere!
With swings and slides and
balloon rides that whiz right
through the air.

We have ice cream, cake and candy,
milk, cookies and punch;
We never have to go to bed
and we choose what we want for lunch.

There’s even a river where you and I could fish,
the water’s as clear as a day in spring;
And beautiful rainbows and fluffy white clouds
from which I can see everything!

So you see, daddy,
even though I’m not with you,
I’m under my Father’s care,
and when it’s time for you to come,
you’ll find me waiting right here!

And I’ll give you the biggest hug.
Gee, I can hardly wait.
And when no one’s looking,
we’ll even swing on Heaven’s Gate!

I love you daddy. Happy Father’s Day!