Shattered Dream
By Vanessa Davies 
I’ve just been told the sad news
no sickness of maternal “blues”
I’ve lost my child I grew to love
it’s gone to heaven, up above.

The terrible pain we went through
I don’t think friends had a clue
but you’ll always be in our heart
as every day beings to start.

Admiring the lump as it grew
waiting patiently to see you
but that day will never come true
forget the date that you were due.

I think of you which upsets me
distressed, sad and not full of glee
days short, you didn’t see the world
you lay in the womb safely curled.

If you’d been born you would be ill
it would be like climbing a hill
we didn’t get time to know you
what you’d be like when you were two.

We enjoyed the short life you had
but couldn’t be a mum or dad!
Eleven weeks was short to live
but much happiness so did give!