By Lisa M. Breen 
To my sons, Leonard Angelo Breen and Vincent Barry Breen 
If you have not lost children
please don’t tell me how to feel.
Because the pain I have inside
is deep and very real.
When you tell me not to be depressed
it makes me very mad.
For I have good reason why
I should be very sad.

If you were in my shoes
would you ask why I’m in pain?
For I have had two children who
have strictly died in vain.
Please don’t tell me I can have another
for I know that this is true.
Even though I will in time
they won’t replace the two…

…the two beautiful children
I have lost in vain.

I will always see the ones I lost
in my future children’s eyes.
And wonder what they’d be like
if they were still alive.
Please don’t tell me how to feel
unless you’ve felt my sorrow.
For you won’t have to bear the pain
I have to fee tomorrow.

I will have other children
that I’ll really, really love.
But I’ll never forget the two I lost
that are watching from above.