A Tribute to Shelby
By Kim Arorash 
I saw a rainbow and saw you smile down at us,
I saw the stars and the twinkle in your eyes,
I saw the sun and the sunshine that you brought
into all of our lives.
I heard your laughter and it filled many hearts,
like the birds singing their melodies never two
notes apart.
The days will be hard and the nights will be long
and I’ll never forget your favorite little song,
sleep tight my little girl, sleep tight,
until we meet again, we will never forget you
and the battle you had to fight.
You’re a little Angel now in the Great Heavens
watching over all of us so no harm will ever come.
Bless you my baby as it is time to say good-bye.
You will always be the apple of your daddy and
mommy’s eye.
Sleep tight Dear Baby, my love good-bye.
We love you always, your mom and dad.
Our Shelby, Queen of the Mountain.
Shelby Anne Arorash, daughter of Kim and Harry Arorash was born June 19, 1996 and died December 24, 1996 of bacterial meningitis.