By Christine Marie Toccafondi 
Memories of you wrapped around me like a warm
always on my mind and always in my heart.
Remembering you with such joy and sadness
in everything I say and everything I do
every minute and every hour of the day

My days are filled with emptiness
as only you know
reaching for your hand
I look for you

Many days are cloudy
although the sun is there
rainbows in the distance.
In time I’ll understand
eternity we will share.

Mornings are so difficult,
a time you should be here.
Realizing there is no crib,
I look toward your picture.
Emptiness surrounds me.

Mother’s Day is near,
a happy day for most.
Rejoicing all around me
I miss you, oh so much,
envious of them all.

Maybe one day the thought of you won’t hurt so
all through the day, I’ll be
ready to move on. Sometime
in the future
eventually, but not now.