Only For a Moment
By Joanne Cacciatore-Baca 
In loving memory of Cheyenne 
Little one, all I ask is one more precious moment
in time belonging only to us.

Another desperate chance to tell you all about the love
in my heart for you and that my life
will never be the same without you in it.

A moment to feel, once again, the gift of you
overwhelming beauty and the sparkle you put into our eyes,
if only for a moment.

One more chance to caress your soft, downy hair
and to wrap your tiny, perfect hand around my fingers,
gently wiggling your toes.

If only for a moment…
just one more cherished kiss
on your warm soft lips,
one more tender stroke against your pink, rosy cheek.

I would hold you tight, close to my aching heart
I would let you taste my bittersweet tears of tormenting pain.
A token of my eternal love.

One more moment to study your every feature
so I can remain, forever in awe of your breathtaking beauty.

Because without you, little one, my soul cries out
in brutal sorrow, grasping at your presence.

Longing for one more moment to be your mommy.

Little one, only for a moment in time
you were here and you were mine…