My Chosen Child
I had to tell you dearest heart,
that I did not give birth
to you, but you are my own;
for fear
some meddler would impart that
knowledge which is known
that I adopted you to
start a home for us alone…
I tried to make it plain to you…
I hope you understood;
my friends all had one child or two,
their lives seemed full
and good; and there was nothing
else to do but find you, if I could…
you see, God did not grant my prayer
and let me bear a child; and so I
sought you everywhere
until the day you smiled and snuggled as I stroked
your hair, and you became my child…
no natural mother has a choice of
blondes or deep brunettes…
therefore, my chosen child,
rejoice and have no vain regrets;
that first day you smiled
I claimed you for my own.
I hope that you are reconciled to have
the secret known; that
you are mommy’s chosen child.