The Sound of a Heartbreak
By Kay Des’Ormeaux @ August 4, 1998 
In loving memory of Peter James-Alan Buth July 23, 1995 – October 3, 1995 
You’ve heart that awful sound before…..
Oh how sad to say, but it is true!
And it must be a horrific echo
That travels all through you~!

Momma’s can hear so many things…..
That other can’t seem to hear~!
Like the sounds of a sweet whisper…..
Coming from a baby’s ear~!

Or the sound as a child is playing…~!
Yes, we hear their every cry~!
And, oh, what a should they make…..
When they ask, “Why Momma, Why?”

But, the worst sound of all, I’m sure…..
Is what you hear that terrible day,
I’m sorry, we did everything we could
But, your baby has passed away~!

Yes, a momma hears many sounds!
Joyous sounds a child can make…..~!
But thank God, not all mommas hear,
The sound of a heartbreak~!