God’s Little Angel Peter Jame-Alan Buth
Peter Jame-Alan Buth 
The day that your life ended
Was the saddest day on earth
Your parents had to suffer
They were so happy with your birth

God sent the angels for you
You’re a big part of his plan
Even though you’re the littlest angel
We all hoped that you’d be a man

We wanted to watch you grow and play
Have girlfriends… and go to school
But you never got to do this
How could life be so damn cruel

We try so hard to understand
But it just doesn’t make sense
To lose such a precious baby
What an emotional expense

Now the only comfort that we have
Is that your with God in warmth and love
In heaven with our savior
In the arms of God above

We miss you so much PJ
Things will never be the same
And everyday, we pray and pray
For God to take this pain

But we know that your Gods angel
You’re the smallest and the best
Losing you is pain for us
But you are truly blessed
Your Gods Little Angel