Angels Always Come Early
By Lisa A. Chancy  
In memory of Anthony and Damian Speca who were born too soon – January 7, 1995  
No new way to say I miss you.
No new way to say good-bye.
Waited days to hold you
but God gave you wings to fly.

Angels always come early,
knocking on the door to our hearts,
allow us for that moment to know perfection and
then suddenly depart.
But I wish God would give me wings to Heaven I
would fly
say “hello” to my angels and tuck them in for the

Every evening I look to the midnight sky to tell you
both “I love you” and kiss you each good night.
They say angels always come early to remind us to
never give up on life.
So hard to believe at a time such as this
but God never hands out an impossible sacrifice.

Would have given up all I have to watch you grow
and smile.
I can see you still, in my mind, such pink and
beautiful angels.
I’m thankful I got to hold you even if just for that
little while.

So as minutes slide by, and days fade into years.
I know I’ll never forget you; I know I’ll never say
We could have loved and cared for you here on earth,
but God have angels wings to fly
for all of our angels up in Heaven,
we send our love and prayers.