Christmas Blue
By Joanne Burkey 
My heart is so fragile, and I’m falling apart.
The thought of the holidays is breaking my heart.
There is no cheer to spread this year,
I just want to run away and forget I’m here.

I feel guilty and sad and full of despair.
I’m letting down everyone and it’s just not fair.
Do you know the kind of pain that I feel?
I can’t do it this year; I just can’t deal.

So let me do this in my own way,
And then I’m sure that you will see
That because love is there inside of me,
I must endure what is meant to be.

I pray ever day, “God show me the way.
When I feel alone at night,
There’s no one here to hold me tight.
I need Your help to find the path that is right.”

It’s been over a year, and I still cry.
Sometimes I don’t even know why.
The tears, the sorrow, the pain I feel
My aching heart that will not heal.

I wonder if only there could be
One more time for you and me.
A time when God could share a place
For us to meet, face to face.

One last time to say farewell,
And know that you are safe and well.
The comfort I would then feel
Would ease my pain and help me heal.