Mum I was not yours to keep
but children never are
my life and death have touched others
and changed you
in ways you cannot completely
know or understand.
Ripples in the pool spreading,
my life and death
will enrich your life
pain and loss are not my only legacy.

Weep, for I am worth every tear
each worth more than gold
a gift of love from you to me
and many die
with no one to weep for them.
but do not weep for my sake

Know and remember
I never once was touched by fear
I never was afraid
I never felt the cold, not once,
nor hunger’s pains
and never, never was alone
you were with me always.

You gave me a chance to be
and now I have a spirit and a soul that
never can be lost.

To you my days were few
to me, a lifetime.
A week to a child is a month or more
to me the days were long
with all my needs supplied by you
till time came to move on
to better things
leaving you to pay the higher price.
Living is sometimes harder than dying.

So weep, and heal yourself
you will never be the same
allow my life to touch your heart
and you will grow
learn from me that life is precious
and today is all we have.
Learn to love others
today not tomorrow
maybe tomorrow they are gone
or we are gone.

Learn this and my life has had
purpose and my death meaning.

We are parted for a little while
but I am with my creator
who loves us better
than we love each other.