My Little Angel
I felt your presence there inside of me,
nestled soft and warm;
sweet scent of baby’s breath,
precious words left unadorned.

I saw your tiny heartbeat,
then I knew that you were fine;
a perfect baby we created,
one that would be mine.

Then that tragic day it came
there was nothing I could do,
only wait and hope
for the precious life of you.

Yes in the beginning
your daddy was afraid;
only he would love you unconditional
and never run away.

He loved you more this I do know,
as he cried for you that day,
when the doctor said that you were gone
daddy wanted you to stay.

He would have held you close to him,
and seen your perfect form,
a gift of daddy’s love,
would have kept you safe and warm.

Only now you are an angel over me
beautiful and bare,
my heart would hurt if you cried for me
and mommy was not there.

Still we are together in my heart and memories,
you are still a part of my memory.

Rest gentle now ‘sweet baby’ there is no pain
you are never alone,
I know you are with the guiding angels
in your peaceful home.

I will come with you someday
only now is not my time,
then we will be together again
again you will be mine.