Peace Once Again
By Rob Limbaugh 
Everyone expects you to be strong,
without a tear in your eye,
all the while questioning
why did these children die

What was the purpose,
of our painful ordeal?
Was it to make us stronger
or just to make us feel?

The innocent ones were lost,
but not forgotten,
there is still a celebration of life,
when things seem so rotten.

“God so loved the world he gave…”
You hear Jesus say,
so why does it seem He giveth,
and then taketh away?

Bad doctrine I think,
is that statement said,
that God takes away,
it’s absurd and just in your head.

He’s the Comforter, The Healer,
the friends for all time,
He heals all the hurt
of yours and mine.

So how to be thankful,
this holiday season
our angels not spared,
for no given reason.
Rejoice in the light,
the truth, the way,
the alpha, the omega,
the one here today.

This hurt will pass,
and all sorrow and tears,
yet His love remains with you
throughout all the years.

So this Christmas don’t cry
out to the Lord God in pain,
instead pray to our Lord
for strength once again.

Realize there’s always a purpose,
a reason, a cause,
just like the reason
Christ was nailed to the cross.

See, God knows our pain,
He lost a child too,
but the reason he died,
was for our Angels, for me,
and for you.

Remember the season,
of our Great Saviors birth,
and how God’s loss
saved everyone on this earth.

So dry all your tears of sorrow
and let God enter in.
Let God bring you peace and hope,
and life once again. Amen.