An Angel’s Prayer
Dear God,

Can you hear me?
Please, God. Do you hear my cries?
The ones that echo pain deep within my mind and heart.

She is gone, God. My little girl is dead.
And I love her so.
I’ve tried to pray
to seek
to beg

and still she is gone.
I would have given my life for hers…
I do not understand.
You see, God, she left so suddenly.
Without saying goodbye, or even hello.
How can it be that she has changed my life so?
How can it be that others think I should forget her so abruptly
and go on with my life?
How can I pretend that she did not exist?

For her life and death has brought me on my knees, to You.
And now I seek the peace which only your midst can harbor
to ease this overwhelming grief.

But still, God, I feel so cheated.
I feel so very desperate for her presence.
I never looked into her eyes
I never told her how much I loved her
I never kissed her gently with a proud mother’s smile
only with tear filled eyes.

But you can, God.
Please, please tell her for me, for I know she is in Your care.
Tell her that her beauty has left me many priceless gifts.
Tell her I think of her every day, every hour, every moment.
Tell her how deeply I love and miss her.

Hold her in Your majestic arms, just for me, Lord.
Rock her gently and whisper in her ear
tell her that her mommy aches for her
still and always.
For the only strength that remains is the strength which You grant me.
In knowing that You and only You, Father
can love her the way that I do.