A Message to the Christ Child
By Patty McGuinness 
To Mary, my daughter, stillborn at 6 months, December 1, 1982 
Dear sweet little “Babe” lying in a manger
I came for your help but not as a stranger
It was just one year ago that our own baby died
my heart is still breaking and oh how I’ve cried.

We’ve missed her so much during this last awful year.
Please ease up the pain oh sweet Jesus dear.
Babies are a true gift from heaven above
with fingers and toes and hearts full of love.

I wonder if you cried for your beautiful mommy.
I bet you did when you wanted food for your tummy.
Did she rock you gently when you began to really weep?
Oh! I’m sure she did till you fell fast asleep.

Did your Daddy bounce you lovingly on his gentle knee?
I know that he did as you giggled with glee.
As I look at the angel on our Christmas tree
I know that she’s with you and waiting for me.

I feel that you love me, but I’m still full of grief
I pray that she’ll tell you send my mommy relief.
I’m sure I’ll be sad on this Christmas Day
Yet I know that you hear me whenever I pray.