The Most Perfect Life
By Byron Allred 
The thought of a new child
it seems so great,
though nine months away
you can hardly wait.

The weeks go by slow
they seem so long,
you just hope and you pray
your child is healthy and strong.

A visit to the doctor
and they give you bad news
they inform you of your child
that you probably will lose.

Happy times turn sad
as you anticipate this birth,
as you dream of the day
your child enters this earth.

You think of his eyes,
the color of his hair,
it seems so wrong
it doesn’t seem fair.

Prayers from a loved one,
encouragement from a friend,
but all that you can think of
your son’s life soon will end.

Nine months with your child
the Lord lets you share,
your love and your prayers
to let him know that you care.

From the mother to the Lord
this child will go,
straight into Heaven
what a comfort to know.

Once in Heaven
he will be in God’s arms,
Safe and secure
where no one can harm.