Happy Birthday, Kathryn
By Marge Barry 
October 3rd, it is your birthday.
Not only your birthday,
it would’ve been your golden birthday.

So, you know me
I would’ve had a big party,
invited all your little friends from the neighborhood,
had games, cake, lots of fun.

I would’ve put up balloons all over,
and sung “Happy Birthday” all day long.

But things didn’t go the way they should’ve, my love.

Instead of celebrating those things with you,
I can only imagine what a wonderful day it would’ve been.

I imagine a cute, pink dress with ruffles,
your curly black hair with a bow that matched your dress.
I imagine how we could’ve lived happily ever after.

Unfortunately…it’s not possible,
but I will always love you with all my heart.
And I’ll always imagine what would’ve been.