Transcending Time and Space
When time stands still
the earth still moves
but not with me.
I have been transported to another time
the past as a young child telling everyone,
”My daddy’s smart cause he knows everything.”
Finding the hidden present from Santa in the dryer
being taught the X’s and O’s of football plays and learning the difference
between Democrat and Republican
and eating five Easter baskets full of candy – all by myself.
Reveries of days long ago
and no so
long ago
of dreams realized and those that faded as fantasies
transported to a time of future plans
and dreams – that may not be in my life now
as he is dying.
How can you see yourself without your father you thought of a immortal,
invincible, all knowing, undefeatable?
I will always be my father’s daughter, but in a different realm -
without his physical presence, without his visible support, concern, interest,
and constant availability.
How will I see myself?
When I look at myself I see his confidence in me
reflected in my face that meets the world.
His love transcends time and space
and is ever present
in my
beating heart.