Almost A Whisper
By Jennifer Wessner 
There was almost a whisper that solemn night
all happenings froze in time
for a woman who had so long dreamed
all shattered as crystal on cement
for this was to be the most magical of days;
a daughter to be born unto her
a daughter to love
a daughter to watch grow
a daughter to nurture
a daughter to hold
on this day a daughter was born unto her
this woman was given a chance
she had her daughter to hold
if only for a few moments
she had her daughter to love
this love will be forever in her heart
this live will never die
this little girl was given the time to say her final goodbyes
at the same time as she said her first hellos
the life-filled, long awaited scream of virgin lungs
was not heard
instead there was almost silence
almost because this little girl could not leave unheard
there was a whisper, or almost a
whisper on those tiny lips
that night
a whisper that said, “I am here,
acknowledge me, and don’t forget me,
for I must go, I must say goodbye.”
In a whisper was said what many
cannot achieve in a lifetime
in a whisper a little girl’s live was lived.