It’s Halloween
By Sharon Bryant 
In memory of Andy Dunbar January 22, 1972 – October 24, 1977 
It’s Halloween again
and fall is in the air
I stopped by the store today
I saw costumes everywhere

I saw fairies and goblins
frogs and toads alike
and then there was the little ghost
I closed my eyes real tight

I felt the tightening in my chest
remembering that Halloween long ago
when you picked out the little ghost
the eyes had to be just so

I touched the fabric with my hand
memories came flooding through
of that last Halloween we had planned
when I was going to be a Goblin for you

I felt the tears start to sting
and knew I had to leave
Halloween always brings back
memories from grief unseen

You left me a week before Halloween
your ghost suit is still in the box
sometimes I try and open it up
but something always makes me stop

Each year as I watch the children come by
I always look for a little ghost
thinking of how happy you’d been
wearing the costume you loved most

Maybe I’ll just take a peek
if I’m up to it this year
and touch the fabric one more time
from that Halloween from yesteryear.