Dear Little Ones
Lani Embury © October 2009 
In Memory of Our Precious Twins 9/4/09 
Frozen in time
You waited patiently
For your turn to bloom.

The days - no years - of anticipation
The planning and preparation
Every detail attended to.

Your time had come
You were brought to us
“Two Excellent looking embryos”, it was said

All went well – now the wait!
The excitement – reserved
14 days to test - feels like 1400.

Early testing faint but there
Then darker and then darker still.
Official Beta 216.9 – joy – but …

Then the blood, the cramps
Fear, uncertainty - mixed with hope
2nd Beta 3337 – renewed hope, maybe twins.

More trouble, distress
Questions with no answers.
“Hold on Little Ones”, I pray.

More blood and pain then panic.
I reach out for help – I feel exposed
3rd Beta 15,533 - that’s great – maybe.

But then - excruciating pain
Drenched and overcome with fear
You are leaving us – why?

“Please stay”, I pray – I beg
We love you and want you to live
This is your time to shine.

You grew so well
I saw you strong and healthy.
I knew you
Your hearts beating with mine.

Wrong place – but why?
You had the perfect womb
Then you moved – not one but both of you!

You could not live there any longer
Your departure was traumatic
I almost went with you.

You didn’t let me go
You knew - Your sister and father “still need me”,
So together you left – you’re not alone.

Grief consumes – the loss so deep
You touched life so briefly
And now, Little Ones, you are no more.

Lay you to rest – we must
You will be missed – your memory cherished
For you are our “Angel - Little Ones” now – for ever.

Good bye our beloved – we love you!

Mommy and Daddy