Like A Sweet Magnolia Blossom
Linda Ann Laferriere 
In Memory of Scott Matthew Laferriere 
Like a sweet magnolia blossom in the early spring,
My Precious infant child,
I new your life might be vulnerable
to nature's twists and turns.

So I chrished every moment of our time together.
I was sure I felt your soul stir within me.
I marveled at your unfolding blessed beauty.
I loved you so completely, right from the very start.

And like a sweet magnolia flower
that blooms so early in the spring,
All too soon,
An April frost took you away.

But there is a place, I do believe,
where nature is always gentle
where there are no late frosts
to threaten delicate young flowers.

And in the place i call heaven,
we will meet, someday soon.
to be together
for the rest of eternity.