Five Years
Tricia Souers 
Caleb Joseph July 3, 1998, June Baby, and June 8, 2000 Baby 
Five years have passed ~
Can it be true?
We’ve had five years
Without you?

You were too small
To cry or drool
Now you would
Be starting school!

What would be
Your favorite things?
What adventures
Would life bring?

These are things
I’ll never know.
All too soon…
You had to go.

Precious, tiny,
Baby boy,
Our fist baby child
Our special joy.

Born too soon
To stay on Earth,
Yet your short stay
Has had much worth.

You taught us how
To really love~
The kind of love
Only found above.

We have never known
Such pain inside
And yet, with time,
It does subside.

We still miss you
Every day
And long to see you
Laugh and play.

Some sweet day
We’ll be together
A whole family
Forever and ever.
We love you Caleb
Happy Fifth Heavenly Birthday!

Love, Mommy, daddy, and little sister Caitlin