Why don't People Understand What I Lost?
Jamie Dawson 
Maggie May Dawson October 24, 2002 
The day my Maggie was born early and died,
I lost…..
My one year old saying her first words.
My two year old saying “no” hundreds of times.
My three year old asking the infinite question of “why?”
My four year old entering preschool.
My five year old attending her first day of kindergarten.
My six year old learning to count.
My seven year old loosing her first tooth.
My eight year old have her first sleep over.
My nine year old saying boy’s have “cooties”.
My ten year old starting to look less like a child.
My eleven year old having her first crush.
My twelve year old stuck in that “awkward” age.
My thirteen year old finally reaching ten years.
My fourteen year old starting high school.
My fifteen year old meeting her first boyfriend.
My sixteen year old learning to drive.
My seventeen year old graduating.
My eighteen year old becoming a women, my friend.