Distant Angel
By Caroline Leakey 
You are my distant angel,
Watching over me with care.
I cannot help to think,
What would happen if you were still here?
Love lives on in whispered prayers
Of a happier life for you.
You are my distant angel,
And I will always love you.

I’m afraid to live without you,
Afraid to face my own fears.
You have been my distant angel,
Through all of your last years.
There will never be another,
Who has changed my life like you.
Your are my distant angel,
Through everything I do.

As the days, the weeks, the months go by,
And I sit alone and wonder why.
Why did you leave me,
And where did you go?
Though you are watching over me,
I still feel alone.

My heart starts to ache, and my eyes start to cry.
Living without you has left a hole in my life.
You have been my distant angel,
Through the entire thick and thin.
May God bless you and keep you,
Until we meet again.