Julie Carleton 
In memory of Laura Carleton who was stillborn November 18, 1993 
Today was when you were due to be born, but you left us a month ago.
So for us, hello meant good-bye.
I had the chance to hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you.
But there is so much that I’ll never be able to do.
I’ll never be able to rock you to sleep or dress you in cute little outfits.
I’ll never hear the sound of your laughter, or know the color of your eyes.
I’ll never be able to kiss your boo-boos or wipe away your tears.
I’ll never be able to brush your hair
or trace your face with my fingers while you sleep.
I’ll never feel your warm body close to mine
or hear your tiny heart beat again.
And I’ll never hear you call me Mommy.
I miss feeling you kick inside me and how you’d
get the hiccups in the middle of the night. I will love you forever.
You have changed me – I am your Mother, and although I don’t have you
home with me, you are in my heart.
You will never be forgotten, Laura. I love you.