Tribute to My Baby-Child
In memory of Sheila Hammock-Reynolds 
My Precious little Baby-Child,
Your face I’ve never seen,
Your skin I’ve never touched before,
Nor held you close to me.

You lived inside my body;
But only for a while;
Till Jesus softly whispered,
“Come home my little child.”

You must have been a special child;
If God needed you up there,
Because heaven is a better home,
Its beauty can’t compare.

So till I get to heaven,
And see your shining face;
Jesus will take care of you,
And love you in my place.

Yes Jesus loves his little lambs,
They sit around His throne;
So sit on Jesus’ lap dear child
Till Mommy gets called home.
Written January 1990 as a final
tribute to my baby-child…
Sheila Hammock-Reynolds