By Patti Fochi 
I am surprised, yet quietly pleased
To see the sun reaching through the window
Its warmth touches my arm
I feel the warmth moving up to my shoulder
I imagine the thawing of river ice in the spring
And images of spring flood my mind

Remembering the cold, constant pain of my grief
A chill runs down my spine and I shudder
but the warmth of the sun gently caresses
my arm again and I feel my blood
moving warmly through my body
Slowly, yet deliberately, the flower begin
their journey upward through
the earth’s darkness toward the light
The buds of delicate blooms begin to find
their home on the stem that is their life
And with each passing day they open a little more
reach a little higher to the sun

I, like the delicate flower, begin my journey
upward through the darkness of pain and sorrow
Toward the light of a new day
The sun urges me onward and I hear its clear message
A message that was once shrouded in pain
It rings in my ears like a thousand melodious chimes
And I respond with my body and heart
To the promise of a new day
To the hope of renewed joy
And to my decision to live again