From Miracles to Memories
Lyrics by Joyce Lung and Linda Moxley Music by Tim Clausing 
From Miracles to Memories
The way has not been long.
What should have taken years to build
Suddenly is all gone.

We don’t understand it,
Can someone tell us why?
We just got to know you,
How can we say good-bye?

We softly tough your little cheek
And then your tiny chin.
Why must you be leaving
Just as we begin.

We have no time for talking,
No time for first school days.
We just wanted to know you
In oh so many ways.

We cry for all the moments
That we will never see.
So now we’ll make our memories
For that which cannot be.

We’ll pack your bracelet and tiny gown
In very special places.
So when we ache to hold you near
We can touch them to our faces.

The smell of you will linger there
And bring you back to mind.
We’ll save each baby treasure,
So you won’t be hard to find.

We’ll print your tiny feet
And save a lock of your hair,
So we’ll have a part of you
When you’re no longer there.

We’ll take a picture of your face,
So everyone will know
That you were someone special
Even though you had to go.

We’ll place your name on the family tree
And pass it through the years.
With pride we’ll always speak of you
As we brush away our tears.

From Miracles to Memories
The way has not been long.
We’ve lived your life in these short hours,
And now our time is gone.

Someday, perhaps, we’ll understand
And maybe we’ll know why
For now the memories we have made
Will help us say goodbye.

From Miracles to Memories
Will help us say goodbye