Jacob’s Bells
By Lesa Lafferty 
Jacob Dean Lafferty 8/17/88 
I heard the bells again today
They rang so sweet and true
Just feet away from where you lay
With all your flowers, blue
It’s just so calm and peaceful there
Where you are oh so still
I just keep thinking this isn’t fair
You should be inside me, kicking still
Remember when you kicked that time
You moved my hand away?
Daddy even saw that sign
That you were here to stay
And stay you will my precious son
But more than in our heart
You’re in the wind, the stars, the sun
Everything beautiful, every part
For beautiful you were, sweet one
With Daddy’s great big eyes
And even Mommy’s hands so long
But still no soft sweet cries
Now who’s gonna run to greet me
With arms stretched open wide?
Calling “Mommy, Mommy, come and see!”
Now who’s gonna be my pride?
And who will ever make me crave
Koolies and Reese’s Cup Bars
And who will Daddy teach to shave
And who can he show Jupiter and Mars?
So much beauty I wanted to show you
A mountain, a song, a tree
But heaven’s beauty is far more true
So someday, you’ll be showing me

I am thankful for so many things
That I held you in my arms
That now your shoulders hold tiny wings
And you’re safe from all life’s harms.
I’m thankful that inside of me
I felt your life, your love
Special movements, so carefree
What a blessing from above!
So until I can, Jesus, give him a kiss
And tell him I love him so
Make sure he’s happy and full of bliss
“Cause Jacob’s real special, you know”