There was a child so eager
in his journey heaven-bound that, like a quiet angel
he left without a sound.
No words would ever pass his lips
no sorrow his heart know
except the special longing
for his parents he left below.
His parents planned for his arrival
for almost all of a year
and when the child didn’t come
their joy turned to bitter tears.

The child also cried
because his parents couldn’t share
the beauty of his happiness-
he wished they could be there!

But so few are taken to heaven
without first suffering life’s pain,
surely when they understood
they’d be happy again!

God smiled on this baby
and singled him out for special love
ere he felt the sting of earthly life,
he was taken as an angel to live above.

And when the child weeps
for those he never knew,
God holds and comforts him
and speaks of love so true.

“They cannot understand my ways,
but soon they will discover-
God never closes one door
but he will soon open another.”