They Did Not Get a Chance to
By Dena Pierce, 1989 
They did not get a chance to
grow or feel the sun upon their face.

They did not get a chance to
count the stars so far in space.

They did not get a chance to
eat a piece of birthday cake.

They did not get a chance to
wade in a sandy bottom lake.

They are the little babies everywhere
whose lives were taken away.

They have moms and dads who love them
and remember them every day.

We take a day to celebrate
and to shed some tears,

For all the little babies who have
died throughout the years.

For all the parents whose hearts
were broken from the loss of their little one,

We take time to remember with you
your daughter or your son.

Parents throughout this great
big world who share a common pain;

Their babies have died, their joy
is gone but the memories remain.

Help us now to make a stand throughout all our nation,
As we remember all of our babies in this celebration.