Two pictures
By Alan W. Keating 
Dedicated to 
Two pictures hang upon our wall
of two who’d never laugh or crawl.
A little boy, a little girl,
our golden ring, our tiny pearl.

We’re good of heart and offer much
to those who wait for mother’s touch.
And yet we lost, then lost again.
We’re left to wonder why -- and when.

Celestial orbs of Sun and Moon
betray the one who takes too soon
from those who’ve set aside a place
to raise the child of their embrace.

We think it natural, think it right,
that we should have a child tonight.
Yet nightmares fact, and horrors met-
two pictures hung- two headstones set.

A little girl, A litt1e boy,
our memories of pain and joy,
our hopes, our dream, our future planned,
our twice bad luck turned dreams to sand.

Yet, at one thing they are adept,
as evidenced by hearts that wept,
they touch us all, in some strange way
and this became their legacy.

In summers hence, when we think back
on summers past and those we lack,
We’ll know our love grew strong and tall
thanks to two pictures on the wall.