A Light in the Darkness
By Arleen Marino, November 1988 
Christmas present to Arleen & George Marino‚Äôs immediate family 
For quite some time we have thought about telling you what
we will always remember about Jude Alexander and what his
presence on this earth meant in our lives.

What will we remember first? Will it be his strength and
power to fight as long as he did? Or his small, but gentle
spirit? And then, there was his beautiful face! We shall
remember all of this and so much more.

I once compared Jude to a candle. A candle casts a soft and
steady light and brings a tranquil and safe feeling in the darkness.
Candlelight can give us a sense of peace and some
of our most thoughtful moments can come in a room lit only
by a single candle.

In the middle of what have seemed like our darkest moments,
Jude has been a little candle flickering in the darkness and
although it was time for his candle to go out on earth, we know
that his light is burning brightly in heaven and know
that his candle will light our lives forever.